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На Западе нашли объяснение всему своему бардаку

В отсутствии тестов, бардаке в аэропортах, нападениях на азиатов и нехватке пипифакса в штатах виноваты снова КейДжиБи и ДжиАрЮ.
Активные операции, дезинформация, вмешательство в выборы, сеяние паники и розни - это все русские виноваты!

NY Times поёт старую песню русофобов-брехунов: "притяни поганым языком любое дерьмо к России"

Can Russia Use the Coronavirus to Sow Discord Among Americans?
Conditions are ripe: The pandemic is sweeping right into campaign season, and Trump’s response is highly contested.

Мудак Thomas Rid пишет:
Mr. Rid is the author of the forthcoming book “Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare.”

March 16, 2020

President Vladimir Putin of Russia shaking hands with Sergei Naryshkin, head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, at an event last year at the Kremlin.

Close observers of Russian disinformation tactics in electoral interference have two big questions as the 2020 election approaches: How large is the appetite for escalation among Russian intelligence agencies this time around? And where was, and is, S.V.R., Russia’s counterpart to the C.I.A.? The internal competition between Russian spy agencies is fierce, and S.V.R., a potent and storied foreign intelligence agency, is widely recognized as more competent, and stealthier, than Russia’s bumbling military spy agency, G.R.U. It was G.R.U. that was caught red-handed in 2016 meddling in the presidential election.

At stake is what kind of election interference we should expect as November is coming: a lackluster rerun of leaking and trolling and fake social media activity, which would most likely be harder to do and less effective than in 2016 — or more pernicious operational innovation and escalation, perhaps even tactics that take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak.

American intelligence officials reportedly reached a preliminary conclusion last week, and that answer points to escalation — as well as to S.V.R. Russian intelligence operatives, according to reports on the United States intelligence assessment, are working to support and amplify white supremacist groups in order to try to incite violence.

The goal of an aggressive foreign active measures campaign is not, as a recently departed senior intelligence official implied, to strengthen President Trump. It is to weaken the United States.

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