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У пендосов истерика - но даже в ней антирусская ненависть

Купите, украдите, делайте что хотите - но притащите со всего света в штаты медоборудование, маски, спецодежду и лекарства! Официальный приказ по Госдепу и спецслужбам.
Не шутка.

Отлично. Мне вот один пассаж там понравился.
The email stresses that the request applies to host countries “minus Moscow,” indicating the United States will not call on Russia for support.
Избавили ведомство Сергея Викторовича от необходимости облекать в дипломатичную форму билет в Перу.

ну да, это было бы особенно унизительно :))

U.S. Appeals to Aid Recipients for Help in Fighting Coronavirus
Request undercuts Trump’s claim that the U.S. has enough tests and medical equipment.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo steps off a plane upon arrival in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Jan.

The U.S. State Department is instructing its top diplomats to press governments and businesses in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to ramp up exports and production of life-saving medical equipment and protective gear for the United States, part of a desperate diplomatic campaign to fill major shortcomings in the U.S. medical system amid a rising death toll from the new coronavirus.

The appeal comes as European governments are themselves struggling to cope with one of the worst pandemics to spread around the globe since the 1918 Spanish flu. It represents a stark turnaround for the United States, which has traditionally taken the lead in trying to help other less-developed countries contend with major humanitarian disasters and epidemics.

The request could also undercut claims by U.S. President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly insisted that the United States can handle demands for tests and medical equipment on its own, declining to fully implement the Defense Production Act to mandate that U.S. companies produce these products. “We have so many companies making so many products—every product that you mentioned, plus ventilators and everything else. We have car companies—without having to use the act. If I don’t have to use—specifically, we have the act to use, in case we need it. But we have so many things being made right now by so many—they’ve just stepped up,” Trump said at a press conference on March 21.

China, meanwhile, is pushing to refurbish its image by sending its doctors and tens of thousands of medical kits abroad to the countries hit the hardest by the coronavirus, after botching the initial response to the virus, helping lead to its spread across the globe.

[Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak: Get daily updates on the pandemic and learn how it’s affecting countries around the world.]

Trump’s third-ranking diplomat, David Hale, has asked all bureaus to report on what foreign countries would be able to sell “critical medical supplies and equipment” to the United States, according to an internal State Department email sent to officials at embassies across Europe and Eurasia on March 22. The email was obtained by Foreign Policy.

“Depending on critical needs, the United States could seek to purchase many of these items in the hundreds of millions with purchases of higher end equipment such as ventilators in the hundreds of thousands,” the email reads. The email stresses that the request applies to host countries “minus Moscow,” indicating the United States will not call on Russia for support.

The email underscores the severity of the ballooning coronavirus health crisis for the United States, as U.S. officials brace for a worst-case scenario based on how the pandemic has ravaged overburdened health care systems in countries like China and Italy. It sheds light on the State Department’s behind-the-scenes role in responding to the crisis even as it scrambles to evacuate U.S. citizens stranded amid a new wave of international travel restrictions.

Several diplomatic sources familiar with the matter say this new directive reflects a sharp reversal in traditional U.S. foreign-policy posture, as the State Department is now calling for help from countries including those the United States has delivered vital foreign assistance to for years. The email comes from an official at the Office of U.S. Assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia—an office that under normal circumstances coordinates delivering U.S. aid and assistance to countries in Europe and Eurasia, not the other way around.

The White House has sought to deflect criticism of its own sluggish response to the pandemic by highlighting the virus’s apparent origins in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Trump and other top officials have taken to referring to the COVID-19 virus as the “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” dismissing criticism from the World Health Organization and others that naming the virus after a specific country will stigmatize its inhabitants.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has emerged as a top critic of Beijing’s mishandling of the crisis, further inflaming tensions between the United States and China. “Early on we offered to have America’s finest experts travel there to assist them, to assist the World Health Organization. We weren’t permitted in. These are the kind of things that the Chinese Communist Party has done that have put the world and the world’s people at risk,” he said in an interview with Fox News earlier this month.

China, which appears to have tamed the virus domestically, has begun to send shipments of medical supplies and protective gear to countries hit by the pandemic, including Italy and Iran. In the latest example, Beijing has sent planeloads of millions of masks and other medical supplies to the Czech Republic, according to ABC News. Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek said China is “the only country capable of supplying Europe with such amounts.”
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