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Мобильная платежная карта от Huawei. Попробуйте на своём смартфоне.

Huawei introduces its own credit card like the Apple Card
Huawei Card is the Chinese giant’s latest venture into mobile finance

Venture capitalists get back to work in China.

Huawei Card appears to have no card number, just like Apple Card.
This article originally appeared on ABACUS

Remember last year when Apple launched its own credit card in the US? Now Huawei is following suit with the Huawei Card in China.
Just like Apple Card, Huawei Card is both a physical and digital credit card. Users can apply in minutes via Huawei’s mobile wallet and receive cash rebates for purchases made with the card. Backed by Chinese finance giant UnionPay, the card supports paying by NFC and QR codes, China’s favorite payment method. To ease privacy concerns, Huawei says biometric data linked to the card will not be stored in its cloud servers.
Unlike the no-fee Apple Card though, Huawei says it will only waive the card’s annual fee for one year. That goes up to four years if the user opts to link the card with Huawei Pay, the company’s electronic payment service.

Huawei Card was introduced during the company’s P40 smartphone event in China on Wednesday. No release date was announced.
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