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Все враньё всплывает ... и всем пофиг...

Если вы думаете, что ЦРУ, Пентагон и американские технологические гиганты это разные люди - вы ошибаетесь. Это огромный единый клубок змей, качающих деньги из бюджета и информацию со всего мира. Любопытное исследование деловых связей сторон:

Thousands of contracts highlight quiet ties between Big Tech and U.S. military
The report offers a new window into the relationship between tech companies and the U.S. government
Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, have secured thousands of deals with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Hewlett Packard and even Facebook that have not been previously reported.

Мистеру Стилу, британскому «ссаному суперагенту», британский же судья велел заплатить за лживый прогон о российских банкирах. Немного, но сам факт приятен:

British Judge Orders Christopher Steele To Pay Damages To Russian Bankers Over Dossier Lies

A British judge ruled Wednesday that Christopher Steele violated a data privacy law by failing to check the accuracy of information in his infamous dossier, ordering the former spy’s firm to pay damages to two businessmen he wrongly accused of making illicit payments in Russia.

Justice Mark Warby of the High Court of England and Wales ordered Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, to pay a modest 18,000 English pounds – about $22,596 in American currency – each to Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman as compensation for a violation of Britain’s Data Protection Act 1998 .


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